Maintenance Notice Dec. 10th


Attention Captains,

We will do a maintenance at 0:30 AM 2018-12-10 (PST) on Star Trek™ Alien Domain: Incursion. The game will be inaccessible during the maintenance. The expected downtime is 2 hours. If maintenance is completed sooner than expected, the game will be available at an earlier time. Please stay tuned for further announcements.


· Updated events for weeks 5-8 after serves are up. 

· Players can now receive rewards by topping up the required amount every day.

· Increased loot protection CD from 60 seconds to 600 seconds, seizure protection CD from 60 seconds to 1,800 seconds (The seizure protection CD of Lv.3 or above planetoids will be 3,600 seconds) and seizure CD increment from 60 seconds to 600 seconds. If seizure fails, planetoid protection CD will be increased from 1,200 seconds to 1,800 seconds. Exploitation battle start CD will be reduced from 1,200 seconds to 300 seconds with each increment reduced from 600 seconds to 180 seconds. 

· Changed the LOAD interface. 

· After having the second flagship, the summon button will be unlocked in all planetoids. Players can summon any fleet to a planetoid. 

· Added the display of the current shard amount to unlocked affiliate ships. 

· Added a corner mark to the icon of affiliate ship upgrade materials. 

· Added a second confirmation for impeachment with Credits. 

· Forbade players from collecting resources, discarding colonies and adding defense clones when planetoids were in battle. 

· Optimized the ruins level ranking. After exiting the ruins, players do not need to reopen the ruins list.

· The defense formation selection interface will not be closed when players use the Quick Purchase function. Added a new button in the Colony panel. Click the button to bring up the defense formation. 

· Added a shop link to the flagship upgrade interface.

· Mining can no longer be interrupted when the colony ownership changes.

· Optimize the energy collection value.

· Fixed an issue where occupied colonies were not synchronized.

· Fixed the display error in the collection panel for Cruise Missions.

· Fixed an issue where Feat couldn't be synchronised after obtaining Feat without watching the battle.

· Fixed the case issues occurring when viewing details.

· Fixed the purchase limit bug in the discount shop.

· Fixed the discount display error in the sales page.

· Fixed the bug where planetoids could not be unlocked.

· Fixed the synchronization problem for planetoid resources. 

· Fixed the player info display error.

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Live Long and Prosper,

The Star Trek™ Alien Domain: Incursion Product Team