Closed Beta Test Schedule


Greetings Captains! 

Thank you for taking part in this exclusive Closed Beta Test. Outlined below are a few things to help you understand how this Closed Beta Test works. Please keep in mind, this CBT is for testing purposes only and the graphics and features in game are not final. 

CBT Begins at 7 pm on Aug. 26th PDT. 

We expect CBT to run for at least 2 weeks, and end on 00:00 Sept. 9th PDT. The CBT could take longer or shorter than expected, depending on the data collected and the issues detected. After CBT is complete, all accounts will be wiped of all records and progress. However, you can keep your GameSamba account so there is no need to create a new one for OBT and the official launch. 

Payment options are closed during the CBT, instead, we will provide you with credits for testing purposes. Aside from this, please keep an eye on our forum events to gain more credits! 

The level cap is 70 for the CBT.

Please report bugs here:  Bug Forum

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There will be rewards for CBT players once the OBT islive . We do not have a definite date for the OBT yet. The date will be decided and announced once we've evaluated the data collected from the CBT. 

Thank you again for your support!  We hope you enjoy the game! 

Star Trek™ Alien Domain: Incursion Team