Report CBT Bugs to Earn Rewards


The Closed Beta Test for Star Trek™ Alien Domain: Incursion is set to begin on Aug. 26th PDT.

In order to find, report and triage bugs, our community team is organizing the first Bug Hunting Event for Star Trek™ Alien Domain: Incursion.


Aug. 26th-Sept. 9th PDT

How to Participate:

Simply register for the Star Trek™ Alien Domain: Incursion Closed Beta Test and begin playing. If you encounter a bug, report it by replying to this post with the following information:  

Character Name: 


Time When You Encounter the bug: 

Bug Description: 

Screen shot: 


1. 200 credits per valid bug report during CBT

2. The top 10 players who reported the most valuable bugs during the CBT will be rewarded with a Gift Code that can be redeemed on our website after the Open Beta Test begins. Code will include:  Credits*1000, Medium Teleporter*5, and Level 40 Purple Equipment Pack (Optional) *3 



1. Please provide detailed information of the bug so that we can check the validity of your entry. If the bug is not detected in the game based on the information you provided, the entry post will be regarded as invalid.

2. Please provide correct character information so that we can send you your rewards on time.

3. If the same bug is reported by multiple players, we will only reward the first player who reported this bug.

4. Rewards will be sent within 1-3 working days after bugs have been reviewed.

Star Trek™ Alien Domain: Incursion Operation Team