CBT Events Previewing


Event 1: Opening Event

During the Closed Beta test, you have access to online events such as Sign-In, Online Reward, Wheel, Server-Opening Goals and Sever-Opening Rankings. For further information, please log into the Closed Beta servers.

Event 2: Login Reward

During the Closed Beta test, you can login every day to claim a login reward in the game. 

Event 3: Level Reward

During the Closed Beta test, once you reached Lv.10, 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60, you will receive lush rewards in the game. 

Event 4: Report Bugs to Win Rewards

1. During the Closed Beta test, players who report in-game bugs or provide suggestions to the GM will receive rewards (1 bug or suggestion = 200 Credits) once they are confirmed or adopted. Note: If more than 3 players submit the same bug or suggestion, the later submissions of the same content will be counted as invalid. Rewards are given out on a first-come, first-served basis. 

2. When Closed Beta testing is over, our staff will evaluate the bugs and suggestions submitted and select 10 players who submitted the most bugs or suggestions. Those players will be able to claim an additional reward in the relevant event page when the Open Beta is live. 

Extra Rewards: 1,000 Credits, 5*Medium Recruit Tickets, and 3*LV40 Purple Equipment Crates.

Event 5: Ranking Reward

1.When the Closed Beta Test is over, the Top 20 players in the Level Ranking will receive corresponding in-game rewards when the Open Beta goes live.

2.Players who reached Lv.40 during the Closed Beta Test can claim an extra reward when the game starts its Open Beta test. 

Rewards are as follows (Entitled players can go to the event page on the official website to claim their rewards during the Open Beta):