A Letter to All Star Trek Alien Domain Players


Dear player,

First of all, thank you very much for your long-term support of  STAD. This game cannot succeed without your support. Now, we have a good news to share with you. A major update of the game, STAD: Incursion will come soon. We believe that you are very much looking forward to it. However, STAD players may have some questions about it.  So we’d like to take this chance to explain some of the questions players have asked recently.

Q: Will STAD stop operating when STAD: Incursion goes live?

A: The answer is definitely no. We will never ignore STAD just because STAD: Incursion is released. On the contrary, we will continue to develop new gameplay and introduce more exciting activities for STAD.

Q: Can STAD 's player data be transferred to STAD: Incursion?

A: The answer is also No. Although STAD: Incursion is a major update of STAD, the adventure takes place in a different realm - the Gamma Quadrant. We believe STAD: Incursion will bring players a brand new experience.

Q: What is the difference between STAD and STAD: Incursion?

A: In STAD: Incursion, you will find many new features and gameplay modes. If you want to explore more, please don't miss STAD: Incursion.

Finally, if you want to learn more about STAD: Incursion, please visit our official website and check relevant announcements. We wish all Star Trek players have fun. Happy Gaming!

Best regards,

Star Trek Alien Domain Operation Team