Combat Operations


Players can enter the Combat Operations interface via the button beside the mini-map in the main interface.

Players must reach a certain level to unlock this function.

Select a stage in the Combat Operations interface to challenge it.

Each stage has their corresponding difficulty level and drops. The higher the difficulty level, the richer the rewards. Combat Operations mainly provide affiliate ship upgrade materials and officer EXP cards.

Combat Operations are divided into several chapters. Each chapter has 10 stages and each stage has 3 star ratings. To obtain 3 stars, players must meet certain conditions such as, complete the battle in a required number of rounds or with few affiliate ships lost in battle.

When players receive 10, 20 and 30 Stars in a chapter, they can claim a Star Crate.

Stages must be challenged one by one. The next stage unlocks when the previous one is cleared.

Challenging any stage for the first time does not require any resources. Challenging it again requires Verteron.

VIP players can use the Sweep function to clear stages that have been cleared with 3-Star rating without battling and receive the rewards.