Holodeck Battle


Click the relevant button in the main interface to unlock the Holodeck Battle.

Players must reach a specific level to enter.

In the Holodeck Battle, players must use all of their unlocked fleets to battle against the fleets of other players. In battle, each fleet can only combat once. If it wins, the number of victories will be increased by 1. If it fails, the number of defeats will be increased by 1.

If players' battle fleets are less than the opponent's (for example, you've only unlocked 2 fleets and have to fight a player with 4 unlocked fleets), the empty fleets will lose the battle.  

After 4 battles, if players win 2 battles, it will be a draw. If they win 3 or 4 battles, it will be a victory. If they win 1 game or less, it will be a failure. The winner can receive Battle Points.

The Holodeck Battle is available several times a day and starts at a regular time. In the activity, players can initiate a battle invitation through the match button. The system will match players according to their points. During the activity, players can start matched battles at will.

Players will be ranked based on Battle Points. The higher the rank, the better the rewards that can be claimed after the event.

In the Holodeck Battle, the battle uses your fleet clones based on their current Strength. HP lost in the Transition War will not affect the real fleet's HP.