Resource Systems


1. Types of Resources

The main resources used in the game are as follows:

Metal, Crystal, Synergen, Verteron, Latinum and Story Points.


2. Resource Output

How to obtain resources in the game:  

  • Build Resource Buildings in the Home Base.

  • Exploit resource planetoids

  • Loot other players' resource planetoids.

  • Claim or buy from the Headquarters Aid.

  • Challenge Supply Tasks.

  • Explore ruins.

  • Challenge story missions (Only way to receive Story Points).

3. Resource Function

Each type of resource has their own functions:

  • Metal——Used to build and upgrade buildings in the home base, and build affiliate ships.

  • Crystal——Used to upgrade flagships and affiliate ships.

  • Synergen——Used to unlock and upgrade technologies.

  • Latinum——Used to redeem items in the Exchange Mall.

  • Verteron——Used to challenge combat operations.

  • Story Points——Used to unlock planetoids in a sector.