Click the relevant button in the main interface to unlock Trials.

Players must reach a specific level to enter.

In this gameplay, players are required to use all of their fleets to continuously challenge enemies without restoring their HP.

Each difficulty level has 20 stages. Players must pass all stages to unlock the next difficulty level. HP lost in battle cannot be restored. But players can buy "Revive Chances" to restore HP for their fleet. Only one revive chance can be purchased in each difficulty level. Each time you unlock a new difficulty level, all your fleets' HP will restore automatically.

Cleared stages cannot be challenged again. Players can use the reset function to refresh all stages. Reset attempts refresh daily and players can have 2 reset chances per day.

Each time you pass 5 stages, a new item will appear in the "Exchange -Trials".

After defeating enemies, they will drop resources, items and exclusive Trials Buffs, which can increase your fleet's Attack, Defense, and Crit by a certain percentage in the Trials. The buff attributes will be cleared when you start a new difficulty level.

In the Trials, the battle uses your fleet clones based on their current Strength.  HP lost in the Trials will not affect the real fleet's HP.