Sector Clash


Click the button beside the mini-map in the main interface to enter the Sector Clash interface.

Players must reach the required level to enter the interface.

While in this interface, players will find a sector map as shown above. Select a sector to enter it. Sectors are connected to each other. You must pass the previous sector to enter the next one.

Blue sectors are less challenging while red sectors mean elite sectors with stronger enemies.

Players must reach a certain level to enter a blue sector. However, to enter a red sector, players must not only meet the level requirement but also the total star number requirement. The total star number refers to the total number of stars obtained by clearing planetoids in blue sectors.

Every sector contains 5 planetoids. To clear a sector, you must attack these 5 planetoids one by one. When all planetoids of a sector are cleared successfully, the next sector will be unlocked.

The item icons above the planetoid models refer to the main rewards of these planetoids. Players can obtain items repeatedly according to their main rewards. Flagship equipment and equipment appraisal items are the main rewards of the Sector Clash. More challenging sectors produce better equipment.

The stars below the above planetoid models represent the star ratings that players obtain after winning. 3 stars is the highest star level while 1 star is the lowest star level. If a planetoid is not cleared (failure), you will receive 0 stars. There is no star rating for all planetoids in elite sectors. All you need to do is clear them.

If you can meet such extra conditions as “Complete a battle in the fixed rounds.”, and “Lose less affiliate ships.” while attacking a planetoid and winning the battle, you can obtain stars.

When you clear a planetoid for the first time, you will obtain some rewards. As long as you defeat enemies, you will receive all of the first-time clear rewards. When you challenge this planetoid again, you will obtain randomly dropped rewards that can be obtained every time you attack. As planetoids in elite sectors can be attacked once only, you can only receive 1st clearance rewards.  

Every time you attack a planetoid in a blue sector, an attempt will be consumed. However, if you clear a planetoid for the 1st time, there will be no cost required. Since planetoids in elite sectors can only be attacked once, attempts will not be consumed. In a normal sector, every planetoid has an attempt limit for repeated attacks every day.

You will be given several free attack attempts every day and the attempts to attack every planetoid will be also automatically restored to the full value every day. Players can use IC to receive extra free attempts. Increasing VIP level can also increase the daily free attack attempts.

If you have cleared a planetoid in a normal sector with a 3-star rating, you can use the sweep function to complete it quickly and receive rewards when you challenge it again.