Squadron War


You must join a squadron to unlock the Squadron War. This event is open multiple times at specific time every day.

When your squadron starts a battle against any planetoid in a sector (the leader declares war on the related interface) successfully, you will enter the battle preparation stage.

After entering the Squadron War, you’ll find strongholds and two home bases (each for a faction) as shown in the picture. Click on a stronghold and send a fleet from your home base to occupy it. As long as you can kill all enemies in the stronghold, you can occupy the stronghold and let your squadron members pass to attack other strongholds.

If all strongholds are taken (excluding the enemy home base), the attack will be considered successful and your squadron will gain the occupation right of this planetoid, which will become a squadron planetoid.

If the attacker fails to conquer all strongholds in the given time, then the defender wins. If the defender reaches the stronghold adjacent to the attacker;s base, the defender can throw bombs at the attacker;s base to bomb it. When the base;s HP drops to 0, the attacker loses.

Two Bombing Methods——Normal and VIP Bombing. After using the Normal Bombing once, you will have to wait until it can be used again. While, VIP Bombing does not have a CD time, which allows you to bomb continuously. But, there is still an attempt limit.

If players; fleets lost HP during the battle, they can be repaired in the home base for free, but a certain amount of time is required. Players can also spend Credits to restore their fleet;s HP at once and join another fight right away.

Each squadron can occupy 4 squadron planetoids at most. When the limit is reached, they will be unable to launch other squadron wars in the event time. Squadron leaders are allowed to abandon their squadron planetoids to launch an attack to another planetoid.

When attacking an unoccupied planetoid, players will fight an NPC fleet. If the planetoid is occupied by others, then members from the squadron that owns this planetoid can join the defense.