Energy Collection Fight


The Energy Collection Fight is an activity that requires players to complete several missions and receive rewards within the required time.

When players build a fleet, start to play the game and reach the required level, they can unlock the Energy Collection Fight.

This activity is composed of chapters with each containing several missions. When a mission is completed, players can receive rewards and a certain amount of Energy.

There are several types of these missions: time-limited, continuous and purchase, etc. Players must complete them according to the requirements.

When the Energy Points obtained after the completion of the activity reaches a certain value, Energy Medals can be received and used to join the lucky draw in the wheel. Every Energy Medal can be used to join one lucky draw. Players can obtain a total of 12 Energy Medals and draw 12 wheel rewards. When these 12 rewards are drawn from the wheel, players can also claim a wheel prize, which contains a unique reward.

The unlocking time of every chapter is limited. If time is exceeded, players won't be able to complete missions in chapters and receive Energy.

There will be a reward-claiming period after the activity. If there are unclaimed rewards or Energy Medals are not consumed, they can still be used in the reward-claiming period. However, after this period, extra Energy Medals will be cleared by the system. Please use them in time.